Funded projects

Using grammars to analyze the relation between protein folding and sequence in low complexity regions. With co-applicant Friederike Schmid (Physics, JGU); Mainz Institute of Multiscale Modeling (M3ODEL), Forschungsinitiative des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz. Started Sep. 2020.

Data-Independent Acquisition-based Systems Medicine: Mass spectrometry for high-throughput deep phenotyping of the heart failure syndrome (DIASyM). BMBF. Forschungskernen für Massenspektrometrie in der Systemmedizin (MSCoreSys). Started Mar. 2020.

Machine learning prediction of Odorant Receptor (OR)-ligand interactions: Chemical communication as the basis of swarm intelligence. JGU Research Center for Algorithmic Emergent Intelligence, Carl Zeiss Foundation. Started Feb. 2020.

REFRACT: Repeat protein Function Refinement, Annotation and Classification of Topologies. H2020-MSCA-RISE-2018. Staff exchange. Started Jan. 2019.

Context-based discovery of functional motifs in low complexity regions of protein sequences. DFG. Started Jan. 2018.