Lab members


miguel Miguel Andrade, Group Leader

Tel: +49-6131-39-21582

enrique Enrique Muro, Staff Scientist (since Sep. 2007)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21581
jf Jean-Fred Fontaine, Postdoctoral Fellow (since May 2008)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21583
Jonas Ibn-Salem, PhD student (since Sep. 2014)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21580
KT14 Katerina Taškova, Postdoctoral Fellow (since Oct. 2014)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21583
ST14 Sweta Talyan, PhD student (since Dec. 2014)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21581
PM14 Pablo Mier Muñoz, Postdoctoral Fellow (since Jan. 2015)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21580
GA Gregorio Alanís Lobato, Postdoctoral Fellow (since Feb. 2015)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21584
TA16 Tommaso Andreani, PhD student (since Jan. 2016) (co-supervised with Christof Niehrs, IMB/JGU)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21584
graybox Franziska Härtner, MSc student (since Oct. 2016)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21586
graybox Jan Krefting, MSc student (since Oct. 2016)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21586
Steffen Albrecht, PhD student (since March 2017)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21588
graybox Brahim Aboulmaouahib, MSc student (Applied Bioinformatics, JGU, since May 2017)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21587
Eric Schmitt, MSc student (Master Biomedicine, JGU) (since Oct. 2017)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21588
Ranya Al-Shekaki, MSc student (Master Biomedicine, JGU) (since Oct. 2017)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21586
Antoine Charpentier, visiting MSc student (Master Bioinformatics, University of Grenoble) (since Feb. 2018)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21588
Birgit Reubert, Administrative Assistant (since Aug. 2017)
Tel: +49-6131-39-21588
Fax: +49-6131-39-21589
Lab children: Alina, Caroline, Christophe, Emma, Manuel, Victor, Adrian, Luisa, Maite, Sofía
Previous group members and visitors (since 2014)
Previous group members and visitors (2007-2014, MDC-Berlin)
Previous group members and visitors (2003-2008, OHRI-Ottawa)
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