Photo gallery (2014-)

May 2020. Communications in time of COVID-19. Top row: Mohamed, Steffen, Pablo. Middle: Miguel, Jean-Fred, Piyush. Bottom: Kristina, Enrique.

March 2018. Miguel, Russ Hodge (MDC, Berlin), Marc Abrahams (founder of the IgNobel Prizes), Pablo, at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut (DAI, Heidelberg).

June 2017. Frédéric, Jan, Franziska, Enrique, Steffen, Susanne, Abel, Sweta, Pablo, Jonas, Miguel, Franz, Jean-Fred, Gregorio, Katerina, Tommaso.

January 2017. Susanne, Jean-Fred, Tommaso, Miguel, Jonas, Sweta, Enrique, Pablo, Katerina, Gregorio.

November 2016. Low complexity in proteins workshop / associated to COST action NGP-Net

Darius Plewczynski, Lisanna Paladin, Pau Bernado, Vasilis Promponas, Christos Ouzounis, Andrey Kajava, Miguel Andrade, Sreenivas Chavali, Silvio Tosatto, Toby Gibson, Aleksandra Gruca, Pablo Mier, Norman Davey, Marcin Grynberg. Other participants: John Hancock, Andrei Lupas.

June 2015. One day meeting with Vijay Tiwari's group.


March 2015. Top: Susanne, Enrique, Jean-Fred, Jonas, Katerina, Pablo, Desirée. Bottom: Sweta, Gregorio, Miguel.


November 2014. Cluster installation. Enrique (right) with Markus Tacke (ZDV-JGU; left).